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The French telecommunications company Orange S. A. has been planning for some time to offer its shares for sale on the stock exchange. Meanwhile, indications are becoming clearer that the Orange IPO could take place in 2022.
With more than 250 million users worldwide, it is understandable that investors are also already eager to know when they can invest in Orange shares. So let's take a closer look at the Paris-based company!
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Who is behind Orange

Every experienced investor knows that just a well-known name is no promise of a profitable investment. Of course, we don't mean to diminish your enthusiasm to invest in Orange IPO. Nevertheless, before you buy Orange stock, you should take a closer look at the company beforehand. Always keep in mind that companies that are successful today are already behind the times in a few years.

Orange was founded in 1988 in the French capital, Paris. Simultaneously, the group is already active all over the world and offers its service to more than 266 million people around the planet. This primarily includes communication via a mobile radio network, Internet and IPTV.

The company is the fourth-largest telecommunications provider in Europe. Only Vodafone, Telefónica and VEON are ahead of Orange. Internationally, the company ranks 12th.

Financials of the upcoming Orange IPO

According to Orange's official financial report, the French telecommunications company generated more than $42 billion in revenue in 2019. Of that, approximately $3.2 billion was net income. Accordingly, compared to the previous year, Orange increased its revenue by 50%.

Since then, however, revenue has stagnated and in 2021 was only slightly higher than in 2019.

Orange's enterprise value is currently estimated at $26.3 billion.

How Orange plans its' IPO

Since announcing plans for an Orange IPO, the company has been actively promoting its services. In particular, the company is doing a good job of advertising in the yet-to-be-developed markets that Orange is targeting.

Orange's fastest growing market is Africa and the Middle East. Orange is already represented in 18 countries there. In these countries alone, the company has been able to generate annual revenues of about $5 billion.

When the Orange IPO will come

At the beginning of 2020, company officials announced plans to create a separate company for the Middle East and Africa market. This is to be called OMEA – Orange Middle East and Africa. This is expected to help the company push its growth even further.

One of the scenarios following the creation of this separate company, intended for the African and Middle Eastern markets, envisages an IPO.
But back in December, Orange CEO Stéphane Richard announced that Orange was ready for an IPO. In particular, expansion in the Ethiopian market could be a possible catalyst for this.

Meanwhile, Orange has already selected advisors for its IPO. These include BNP Paribas SA and Morgan Stanley – some of the largest investment banks in the world. Accordingly, it won't be long before investors around the world can invest their capital in Orange. It is possible that the Orange IPO in 2022 is just around the corner. We will keep you updated so that you will know about the start of trading of Orange shares on the stock exchange in time.

Outlook for the Orange IPO

According to analyst estimates, Orange's average market growth per year will be around 4.9%. While the company value was $62 billion in 2018, Orange is expected to be worth $65.4 billion by 2024.

Investors aren't the only ones who find Orange stock worth trading. The French telecommunications company itself also has the opportunity to raise capital for further expansion in this way. According to reports from Bloomberg Intelligence, the potential cost of this is around $13 billion.


Is it worth investing in Orange?

Orange is already the fourth-largest telecommunications company in Europe. Moreover, the company is already planning further expansion into new countries, for example Ethiopia.

The financial forecasts also indicate that it is worth investing in Orange shares. According to financial experts, annual sales growth is expected to be 4.9%. Clearly a sign that analysts are certain: Orange will attract many more customers in the future.

Can I invest in Orange shares before the IPO?

The only way to buy Orange stock is through private allocations, unless you are fortunate/rich enough to be invited to a funding round. Then the only way to acquire Orange shares Pre-IPO is to purchase them from existing investors, if you can find someone who wants to sell.


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